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Supporting MPCT

MPCT has a long history of transforming young people into becoming strong, capable adults who have been able to achieve far more than they ever dreamed possible.


We believe that at Black Mountain Embroidery Solutions, the uniform we provide helps the students in many ways. The quality of our clothing reflects the quality of the MPCT programme and helps unite leaners as a team.

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3 sheilds.png
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Why Uniform Is Important

  • Create a sense of identity


  • Learners feel part of a team 

  • Create an environment where there is no peer pressure to have the latest expensive brand

  • Represent MPCT to the public

  • Learners are able to learn about uniform husbandry


We feel very proud to be able to support MPCT’s learners on their mission of personal development to become better citizens of the UK.



2020 brought with it some challenging times but also some great opportunities. Our mission to help support leaners and staff at MPCT expanded into COVID Support. We have been able to help ensure safe learning environments for all those at MPCT through nationwide PPE distribution.

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