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Charities & Organisations

The Motivation and Learning Trust

The MLT was set up to support, develop and enhance life opportunities for MPCT learners past, present and future. They offer funding to young people in crisis and facilitate bespoke, international opportunities that will ensure they become meaningful and contributing members of society who are confident, competent and fully aware of their role in being the best they can be


At BMES we work with the MLT to provide uniform bursaries for learners in need and ensure a level playing field for all those at MPCT.

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No One Left Behind Campaign

The introduction of online learning during COVID provided wonderful opportunities for MPCT to engage and inspire their learners in lots of new ways and at Black Mountain we want to help make sure that every learner has what they need to achieve their absolute best. 


We have worked with different companies to provide laptops to those in need to ensure that no matter the current situation, each learner at MPCT is still able to join in and become an integral part of the MPCT team. 

Water To Go

Every person in the world needs clean contamination-free water to survive. Water to Go have made it their mission to help give the world safe, clean water that they can afford. We have been very excited to work with Water to Go and to help promote the amazing efforts and campaign of all their staff and volunteers. 

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