Bundle 3 -Schools

MPCT Schools Programme Bundle


You get in the Bundle :

2x personalised cool round neck t-shirts

2x personalised cool polo t-shirts

1x personalised classic round neck sweat shirt

1x pair of performance shorts

1x personalised soft shell jacket

1x pair of camoflauge combat trousers 

1x pair Patrol full leather boots

1x bib (blue, red or green) your choice

1x tie or scarf

1x 3-ply face mask


For a description about each product including size conversion charts please visit the 'Schools' section of the store and browse the individual products.


Need a belt?

Our Military Fast belt will fit with the combats supplied in this bundle


Logos are not to scale and are for guidance purposes only.


Any out of stcok items will be dispatched once they become available.

Bundle 3 -Schools