Deluxe First Aid Kit


Specifically designed for rapid medical intervention

Fold out main compartment with secure elastic straps that are designed to fit all current issued medical kit
Made from 600D Tac-Poly 

Dimensions: 19 x 14 x 6cm


1 x non-adherent dressing (5cm x 5cm)
1 x non-adherent dressing (10cm x 10cm)
1 x sterile wound dressings (medium)
12 x assorted safety pins
4 x pairs of vinyl gloves
4 x alcohol free antiseptic wipes
1 x surgical tape (1.25cm x 10m)
1 x waterproof dressing strip (plaster) (7.5cm x 1m)
1 x conforming bandage

1 x vent assist
1 x plastic tweezers
1 x triangular bandage (non-woven)
1 x wound closure strips (3mm x 75mm) (strip of 5)
1 x antiseptic cream (50g)
1 x scissors
1 x crepe bandage (5cm x 4cm)

Deluxe First Aid Kit